The Feeding Your Kids Foundation operates an international program to teach parents how to feed their children healthier, and teach their children to have a healthier attitude toward food.

Developed as a commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative, the Feeding Your Kids program is entirely free to parents everywhere in the world.


“Since 2005, the Clinton Global Initiative has brought together thousands of business leaders, directors of nonprofits, and heads of state to make a measurable impact on pressing global challenges. The Feeding Your Kids program tackles childhood and teenage obesity by providing concrete ways to help families eat healthier and serves as a tremendous example of how our members are improving lives around the world.”
– President Bill Clinton

The Feeding Your Kids Foundation is proud to partner with children’s health and health behavior change researchers to develop and evaluate methods achieving effective health behavior change at large scale. We have extensive, international, and unique experience with “drip” health behavior programs and data to match.

For more information on partnering with the Foundation, please contact Eszter Erdélyi at

The Foundation was established in May 2010 as California Secretary of State entity number C3294531. California Registry of Charitable Trusts number is CT0165515. The Foundation is a private operating foundation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.